The aims of the playgroup are to provide a safe, warm and happy environment that is challenging and stimulating. 


Our group may well be the first time you leave your child with someone who is not a family member, therefore we aim to be welcoming and friendly to your child (ren), the parents and visitors. Offering a warm and welcoming environment and ensuring each child feels included, safe, secure, stimulated and valued Recognising each child as an individual and ensuring that we are meeting the individuals’ needs.  Providing familiar play activities and experiences for the children.  We hope to help them in their first steps towards independence and to treat children as an individual.  We aim to help your child to mix and learn with children their own age/abilities in a variety of different activities and to provide opportunities to explore and discover their environment.  At the group we encourage free play.  We offer a range of activities such as puzzles, water play, story time, arts and crafts, singing and much more.  There is a theme for each session for the children to work along with. 

2's and 3@s Group Activities
Chinese New Year - 23-27 February
Tasting new foods
St David's Day - Monday 2nd March
Wear something yellow
Daffodil Tea Party Wednesday 4th March
 AM Session
PM Session
AM Session
PM Session
St Patrick's Day - Tuesday 17th March
Wear something green and baking
St George's Day - Thursday 23rd April
Wear red and white, and designing flags
2's Group Activities Only
Spring Walk - Wednesday 1st April
Messy Play - Thursday 23rd April
Physical Day - Monday 11th May
Baking - Tuesday 26th May
3'Group Activities Only
Library Dates: Friday 27th February
Friday 27th March
Friday 24th April
Outdoor Session down the Den - Tuesday 24th March
Fit Stars - Thursday 12th March, 
Wednesday 27th May
Book Bug - Monday 27th April
Delgaty Woods - Tuesday 12th June



 Future Events 

24 April - Fundamentals at the Royal Oak, Turriff
£10 per person
4th May - May Day Stall
Thursday 7th May - AGM at 7pm
Fife Arms Hotel, Turriff

9th May - Coffee Morning at The Royal British Legion, Turriff
20th June - Race Night