CHAIRPERSON: Lynn Jex & Kelly Davidson
SECRETARY: Caroline Alexander
TREASURER:  Susan Gray
GRANTS:  Emma Dow
  Diane Stephen
  Naomi Gray
  Sonia Murray
  Jennifer Murray
  Kelly Mair

The committee meet 2-3 times a term, in an evening agreed by all.  Any parents/carers who would like to join can contact Lynn Jex or Kelly Davidson via email – or

We are all unpaid volunteers.  We all have young children (some have several), some have full time jobs, some have part time jobs but we all want to do our best to serve the group.

We ask for your support and trust.

We need all parents/carers to give their time and their help with fundraising.

We welcome your comments and suggestions.  We will also be working closely with the practitioners to give your child the best start to their pre-school needs.  We all adhere to the confidentiality policy.