Outdoor Play

“Being outdoors has a positive impact on children’s sense of well-being and helps all aspects of children’s development.”
The Early Years Foundation Stage Principles into Practice (May 2008)

At Busy Bee’s Playgroup we believe that all areas of learning can be addressed equally in the inside and outdoors. Well-planned outdoor play is a key way in which early years staff support young children to learn with enjoyment and challenge. It enables children to learn by working on a larger, more active scale than is possible indoors.

At Busy Bee’s Playgroup we aim to:

  • value the outdoor environment and give it status through the active
    involvement of all practitioners with the children
  • allow access to outside as much as possible
  • provide a rich variety of learning experiences that reflects and extends the indoor environment
  • provide access in most types of weather with children appropriately
  • plan outdoor activities with the same thought and effort as those inside
  • plan for individual children outside as well as inside
  • provide opportunity for child initiated play and exploration
  • develop or change activities to further stimulate the children
  • ensure that the outside area meets health and safety criteria and that all have equal access
    Staff will plan and develop an outdoor learning environment that includes:
  • a defined boundary in which the children can feel safe, secure and
  • watchful adults to provide appropriate intervention to engage children in
    the learning process
  • a range of large and small equipment and cross-curricular activities which
    help to promote interactive and independent play and sharing skills
  • opportunities for self-initiated activities under adult supervision
  • Access to the wider environment of the playgroup and Local Park under adult supervision
    We encourage and develop the children’s thinking and learning to risk assess themselves and their safety outdoors.
    The group are developing their Eco Schools Awards and continuously aiming for a high standard of play and learning opportunities within the setting and community, including the outdoor classroom.